Kevin André


Kevin André was born in Tacoma, WA, USA, but grew up in Germany. The 29 year old has been close in touch with his American heritage, musical styles and genres, which brought him international wide recognition and bookings. He recently relocated to Los Angeles to further advance his career.

His American, urban style has been developed early by his dad and his vast knowledge of contemporary music. He started playing the piano at a very young age, navigating himself past classical training. Always driven by groove and funky elements he incorporated that style into his playing giving his Studies at University (Bachelor of Music, Jazz-Piano Performance) a special touch.

The winner of the Steinway Newcomer Jazz – Award 2012 captivates not only with his beautiful piano playing, but also with his soulful voice and charisma on stage. His latest releases “For Real EP” and “LIFE EP” are the perfect mixture of Jazz, RnB and Soul, that let him shine in all his strengths, not neglecting the deepness of his musicality. His mission: creating music, not only for musicians, but for everyone.
Aside of being a session musician, side man and performer, Kevin André took up multiple projects as a musical director, songwriter and producer, currently working with artists in Germany and USA.




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