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Ladies and Gents, I proudly present my latest project: KA Productions💎🔥  This has always been a dream project of mine. Now I finally made that dream a reality.
Inspired by the greats, such as Stevie Wonder and Quincy Jones, who not only act as artists, but also write and produce music for others, this music production company focuses on the creation of great content for future artists to use.

KA Productions is a music production company based in Los Angeles, CA and Nuremberg, Germany. We specialize in commercial music releases and Film/Gaming.
We believe music matters more than one thinks. Without music any other type of media will lose the impact it should have. So without us, there’s no quality performance.
Musical approaches can be very traditional and that can be a good thing. But staying on that path limits ones possibilities to achieve something new, or even groundbreaking.

Our team of musicians from all over the world live by that rule which leads to astounding fresh results. if you need any kind of music, let us know at KA Productions!


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