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New Chapter: Moving To LA

What’s up everyone!!

Next month I will be embracing a new chapter in my life. Saying goodbye to Germany (for now) and moving to LA. Germany has treated me well, I got to work with amazing people and musicians but it is time to move on, time to take on new challenges and grow as a person and artist. I’m truly grateful for everyone I’ve had the joy of working with!

Because Germany will always be my home, I’d like to stay in touch with friends, musicians and family during this adventure. That’s why I created a new YouTube and Instagram channel called „Trippin‘ LA“ (Instagram: @trippin_la) where I’ll post about all the beautiful moments and hardships during this time. If you’d like to stay in touch, feel free to go over there and follow so we can laugh and cry together 😉 

I’ll see you on the other side of the world, LA musicians, where you at? Let’s create some music together 😉

😜 peace guys

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