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SAFARICOM Jazz Festival, Nairobi Kenya – JRBB

I can’t even start to describe how blessed I feel to be able to visit Kenya and play in front of 10000 people. Even though I recently moved to LA, my longtime friends from the Jazzrausch Bigband called me to play a gig in Nairobi, Kenya. I had no choice but to accept. The total trip with layover in Qatar took about 30 hours. There I reunited with my friends. The Adventure began. 

we played 4 shows, for locals, politicians, young kids, the wealthy, the poor, old and young. 

This trip was unbelievable. To see how some of the kids live, not having anything but being happy just breaks my heart And definitely keeps me humble. Thank you JRBB and Safaricom for this opportunity🔥🔥

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